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 admin made an error

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PostSubject: admin made an error   Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:37 am

i was told that this server banned because of video evidence, not by admin behaving like a children being beaten at a video game .
G, it is still time to think about your choice, you're punishing the wrong person
if you can show video evidence, i would like to disprove them, explaining how i got a kill in the situation involved

P.S : the fact that you were in the opposite team (and that i was destroying you) when you decided to use your admin account to banish me is not going to help you, a wise admin would have switched to spectator mode to observe if the person concerned was actually cheating
if i made any errors in this text, i would like you to excuse me (english is not my first language)
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Senior Dcoy
Senior Dcoy

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PostSubject: Re: admin made an error   Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:35 am

We do ban on video evidence yes - and you have the right to contest the situation - you have been under investigation for a long time - i know you are a good player and some ppl accuse you of hacking constantly.

I asked our admins to scruitinise your every move because i actually saw you walling a couple of months ago now ...but didnt get a video - and you tend to toggle it off when anyone drops into spec - mostly using it when the spectator slot is free. I didnt ban you then - maybe I should have....

I did not get a video this time either - but believe me after 10 years of admining - there was only one explanation as to how you were constantly finding me and the track through the church was the biggest give away of all - btw i was not moving or shooting - but you managed to stop in your tracks - focus on me and follow me round and out the door dead on me - there was only one explanation for the kill - you can see through walls.

For the life of me i cannot understand why u need to use such things and will obviously deny it of course - if any of our admins have a problem with your ban - i will reinstate you - it is not a dictatorship here ...i banned you on the mounting evidence - a rare thing but i have to do what is best for the genuine players and the server.

Enjoy ur gaming elsewhere ludoms (like i say if an admin says reinstate i will).


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Posts : 4
Join date : 2015-02-23

PostSubject: Re: admin made an error   Wed Jun 10, 2015 9:16 am

dear G, i already explained one of the reason i tend to shut down while playing, my game crash from time to time and especially happened more often during the last month, i am worried about the instability of my game (plus, i have a bad mouse, it tend to disconnect when i make large moves) then again it is your choice, if you decide so, i shall play on other servers .
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PostSubject: Re: admin made an error   

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admin made an error
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