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 My response to Jacek on his temp ban.,..

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Senior Dcoy
Senior Dcoy

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Location : England

PostSubject: My response to Jacek on his temp ban.,..   Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:03 am

HI Jacek.

You were given a temp ban by ivor - for a hack (suspected) and for spawn killing. This ban should have been for a week (but its only for 3 hours).

I would point of one thing ...we dont allow spawn killing - constantly running to spawns will not be tolerated.

On the hacking front we are seeing more and more players using hacks when no admins are speccing...If you do not have a hack - then i would assume you would like us to get rid of hackers while you play.

WE ban on video evidence - something which we cannot get if an admin is not watching the play.

So we have made assumptions on you and chris going off our gut feeling and months of kill cam footage...we wont get every temp ban correct but we can only do our best.

Please do not have a go at Ivor - he now pays for the server - and should be respected...if you are polite to him and put you points across he will listen - all he and all the admins want is a clean server to play - on ..unfortunately we cannot have this until ppl realise we wont tolerate hacks. There maybe more regular players given time off until we feel everyone has gotten the message.

I hope you understand why Ivor and I did this,,,

A few hours off will not hurt you as much a life ban.


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Ivor Cutler
D Coy
D Coy

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Join date : 2012-10-28
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PostSubject: Jacek Temp Ban    Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:59 am

Hi G

I agree with you, Jacek is a reular player and he knows the rules, I have warned him for spawn killing all the time, Apart from that he answers back and can be disrespectful.

I have been an admin for some time now and I have never banned anyone before, but there comes a point when warnings are not good enough and do not have the desired effect.

I will welcome Jacek back to play with us and hope he has learnt a lesson


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My response to Jacek on his temp ban.,..
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